Leadership Training Programs

Customized to your organization


Elevate Adventures now offers "customized" Training programs, all in the comfort of your very own classroom. 

Designed to excite and motivate your students' desire to learn, programs may be selected from the following areas: Peer Mediation, Teambuilding, Outdoor Education, Math & Science and Leadership curriculum. 

Educators select a combination of programs from the list of our most popular classes, each of which
fits easily into your school's 45-minute block scheduling framework. We provide half-day and full-day experiences. 

Training Programs: Our Training programs generate enthusiasm for learning and lay the groundwork for an exciting and successful on-site experience by engaging students with captivating, hands-on activities that introduce elementary through High School educational concepts. 

1 Day Staff Training

*Team building and collaboration


Our Vision is to introduce experiential education to young people by providing progressive learning experiences that extend far beyond classroom walls. Through our innovative curriculum and professional staff, educators will be able to give students an experience of touching, seeing and learning about the world around them. At Elevate, we bring textbooks to life. 

*Leadership skills


Give your students the gift of outdoor adventure! Are you looking for a fun and educational challenging alternative this upcoming school year? Then consider the benefits of Elevates Leadership program. 

*Outdoor recreation and education


The Elevate Leadership program is a brand new program that channels your teens’ energy and enthusiasm, develops leadership skills and motivates students. The program positively influences the lives of your students while simultaneously impacting their own lives and futures. Sign up for one of our 1- day sessions and learn how to create your schools vision.

*Conflict Resolution *Peer Mediation