Thank You ELEVATE Adventures It was a GREAT time had by all. 

As a teacher with 24 years experience who has taken students to many places, I can honestly say this was by far the best trip I have ever taken with my students. The logistics of the trip were handled professionally and went off without a hitch. Our experience was absolutely wonderful. Our guides kept our students engaged with bus ride being absolutely wonderful with our students doing engaging activities that taught them about teamwork, leadership and self -confidence. The program at Disney was creative and fun and kept the kids thinking. The atmosphere was infectious with lots of great sites to see, tons of great activities to do and lots of laughs with the kids. Of course after all the hard work of the training, students were able to relax and play in both Disneyland and California Adventure and boy did they play! 

Ralph Carnesi M.Ed
8th grade
Mountain Trail Middle School
MTMS Site Core Knowledge Coordinator EnglishDepartment Chair 



Dear Rick,
   Last week we, the AZ Department of Education’s 21st Century Community Learning Centers Grant Unit  (21st CCLC) received a federal  monitoring visit.  As part of the visit, they requested to see two programs in the state.   I would like to thank you and Dr. Osterle for  allowing the AZ Department of Education to showcase Constitution’s 21st Century Community Learning Centers Grant (21st CCLC)  Elevate before school program.  As I have said to you many times, I wish every elementary student in Arizona could experience the  program that you offer.    

The various components of this program such as the student leadership/peer mediation training to the fact that students in these  early grades are getting their ECAP number is truly amazing.  This program allows all students to be involved in some capacity, from  running a business to being an active participant, is a terrific way to start their day and to build a positive school culture such as  Constitution’s.   It is very evident that you are passionate about providing this high quality program to the students by the time and  energy you put into it five days a week.  The knowledge you have as a master life skills trainer in conflict management is  instrumental to the success of this program.   You lead by example.

Thank you again for providing the AZ Department of Education an opportunity to highlight a very strong 21st CCLC program  here.  Our visitors said this is a visit they won’t forget.  Some of the many things that impressed them were:    

  • Number of students (180) at this early morning program  
  • Peer Mediation  
  • Student leadership  
  • Variety of offerings  

    Pam Seitzinger
    Arizona Department of Education
    Highly Effective Schools
    21st Century Community Learning Centers Grant