Host Family Opportunities

When you become an Elevate host family, you will:


· Create memories and build lifelong friendships

· Enrich your entire family as you learn about the culture of your new ’son’ or ‘daughter'

· Become an American ambassador, sharing the U.S. culture

Become A Host Family


Welcome a new culture into your home and provide a life-changing experience for a teenager from another country.


Hosting a student from another country is a life changing experience for you and for that

student. They will literally become a member of your family. During this time there will

be a lot of adjustments that will need to be made by everyone involved. We have

prepared a handbook to help. Hopefully it will be of benefit to you. The student will

also receive a handbook to help him/her adjust to this new lifestlye.



Your role in this program is an important one. You will be the student’s family during

their stay away from home. This new and somewhat fearful time for them will require a

good deal of support from you. We encourage you to take an active part in their

experiences here.


Welcome the student into your home as a family member and treat him/her as you would

your own son or daughter. Be an example from which your student can learn American

culture, customs, etc. and take a genuine interest in his/her character and the customs and

cultures of their homeland.