Helpful Hints



It is suggested that you schedule your adventure as soon as possible to acquire the date your school requires. Once you schedule the adventure, a packet of information will be provided to walk you through the entire process. All you need to do is get the participants to sign-up, collect their money and enjoy this opportunity. 

Program Length


The length of the program depends on the subject, age group and number of students. Check program information or ask your coordinator about the length of your program. 

Deposits / Payment Terms


We accept cash or checks made out to Elevate Adventures. As soon as your school reserves the adventure, we will invoice your school and a deposit or full payment is due 30 days prior to the adventure, with any balance due by the date of the adventure. 

Refund Policy


Deposits or payments are non-refundable except in cases Elevate is unable to fulfill their obligation due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Payments are non- refundable if a re-scheduled event is possible by Elevate. 



Each program reservation should by accompanied by at least two alternative dates in case re-scheduling is necessary due to weather or other prohibitive condition. 



Two meals are included in overnight programs. Day programs require that participants, when applicable, bring a bag lunch or purchase lunch. NO ice chests or coolers will be permitted. Other arrangements may be made.