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We are offering a new LANGUAGE IMMERSION LEADERSHIP ADVENTURE to Shenyang China

Each day of your Language Immersion Tour is built around a different theme that ties together daily language classes, cultural activities and interactions with locals. Students attend classes at our International Language Schools providing your students with the cultural context and relevant vocabulary they’ll need to navigate each experiential activity. Through it all, your Language Immersion Program Director will be with you, supporting your students’ language learning and highlighting each breakthrough moment.

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Elevate Adventures connects many international exchange students with caring host families globally. Together we bring cultures together, open communities to the wider world, and create lifelong friendships that span the globe. And you can be a part of it!




Students will be matched up according to gender and age and assigned to a local host family associated with the international school program.



You’ll learn and practice vocabulary relevant to each day’s theme during an accredited lesson at the International School in Shenyang China. Taught by local language instructors, your classes are a chance to have conversations with fellow students as you prepare for each day’s interactive activities.



Practicing Taiji in a local park or learning the Chinese art of calligraphy adds authentic cultural richness to your language development. And your specially trained Language Immersion Program Director will be by your side, helping and encouraging the beginning learners while challenging the more advanced students.



Meeting your pen pals at their school or conversing with locals over a home-cooked meal offers you an opportunity to put your new skills to use while learning more about the culture. With each conversation in Mandarin, you will gain more confidence in your speaking and listening abilities.

What you’ll experience on your Language Immersion tour


Each day in Shenyang is built around a daily theme that explores topics you can relate to—for instance, food, art and youth culture. You’ll improve your Mandarin skills and confidence as you discover a new appreciation for the local culture.